Harsh lessons from election

By K.N. Pandita

There is change of guard in New Delhi. The baton goes into the hands of BJP after a decade long wait.

For BJP, the wait, however, proved a blessing in disguise. Mega scams and entrenched corruption on one hand and UPA’s stubborn resistance to exposing corrupt persons on the other convinced the electorate that the Congress had spurned its old and classical moral standpoint. It could not be trusted as the watch dog of their interests.  

After inking the partition of India in 1947 which created separate homeland for the Indian Muslims, the Congress began defending and wooing Indian Muslims to carve a solid vote bank for itself.
Imagine, Sonia Gandhi a Christian by faith, approached the Shia leader Shahid Imam Bukhari of Jamia Masjid to issue an appeal to 17 per cent Indian Muslim population to unite and vote for Congress. She did not approach any Hindu Shankaracharya with the request to appeal 80 per cent Hindu population of India to unite and vote or Congress. She has been disrespectful to them.

Parliamentary election proved beyond doubt that Congress is only a pseudonym for Indian Muslim League and its secularism is the pseudonym of pro-Muslim proclivity. In this election, Congress felt the need of casting aside the mask and coming out in true colours as it saw Modi wave sweeping across the country.

I agree it is not a Modi wave though a wave indeed it is. It is the wave of revival of Indian nationalism across the country. The voice was stifled and suppressed for six decades and half, first with socialist and then with secularist tag. The euphoria of Indian socialism rooted in Nehruvian half-baked ideology, subsided and died down with the demise of Soviet Union. Soon after, post-Nehruvian die-hards jumped on the band-wagon of pseudo-secularism to keep their flock together.

A major achievement of Congress’ decade-long proxy rule is that it went out of way to secure, empower and morally boost the “secularist cult”. This is why in the just concluded election campaign it tenaciously stuck to the slogan of secularism and adroitly rubbished nationalism as the ideological base for the party.

What immensely favoured Congress chief in strengthening and silently supporting the mega scams and functionaries associated with them was the uprightness and honesty in the person of the Prime Minister? Never before in the history of this country has a Prime Minster’s unblemished personality been exploited so ruthlessly for ulterior motives. Modi was right when he asked the PM to tell the nation who had put a lock on his lips and why. History will charge him with lack of courage to defend his person and his sincere services.

Revival of nationalism will have far reaching impact on Indian social and political scenario. The most logical and spectacular impact is that the surge of nationalist wave is the beginning of the end of dynastic feudalism. After more than two thousand years of dynastic, feudalist and foreign ruler, power will practically pass into the hands of the people of India. Indian democracy has, at last, made a successful bid to throw away the albatross of dynastic rule hanging round her neck. India, hitherto made a private estate of Gandhi-Nehru combine, will, for the first time, breathe the air of freedom and self assertion. The mini dynastic rules in other parts of the country like UP, Bihar, J&K, etc> has already begun to show cracks. Even about Rahul Gandhi the question is asked whether he is an insider or an outsider in the Congress.

For the reason of dynastic rule and its coterie component, Congress is headed for not just violent shake up but penetrative purge. Sidelined and isolated old guard has now only one job left to them viz. to retire to their farm houses and enjoy the comforts brought by ill gotten wealth. Personalities closest to the erstwhile centre of power will seek unperceivable distance.
Regional satraps, hitherto seeking the pound of flesh will get cut to their size. The general loot of the state exchequer so lavishly promoted by the UPA regime has to be replaced by accountability factor. Imagine how Congress scuttled the anti-corruption movement and neutralized its loud-mouthed charlatans by joining AAP in Delhi assembly.

One more impact of change of guard in the country will be that the stupendous lies and canards and perfidious disinformation spread out by the Congress during and before elections will boomerang on its originators. The Muslims of India are proud Indian citizens as everybody else is. They will raise their heads in pride as Indian citizens and Indian citizenship does not need or ask for special favours on class, community or other basis. The Indian citizens expect uniform and just treatment from the government and the government expects strong sentiment of nationalism from them. This has to be the real and practical basis of relationship between the citizens and the sate

The new government will be in place on the basis of majority vote. If Congress thinks that it has been on communal basis, then it indirectly challenges the constitution of India, the very constitution which had catapulted them into the seat of power in 2004 and 2009 elections. How come the constitution was “secular” then and is “communal” now?

In final analysis, now the era has come that will see the dynastic rule out; now the era has come that will see the divide of Indian society on the basis of religion, region, caste, creed and language all submerging under the rising waves of nationalism. Here is a chance after many millennia to do in India something that had once made it great.

The world has watched the greatest election event in the annals of history. The world will adjudge us as democrats who want to work in collaboration with like-minded people. As the largest democracy in the world we have to establish moral and ethical high marks to bring us credit in the eyes of world fraternity. India’s stabilized democracy is a big assurance of peace in the entire world and Asia in particular.
(The writer is the former Director of the Centre of Central Asian Studies, Kashmir University, India).

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