Letter to the Editor

Daily Excelsior

Kindly refer to ‘Rahul Gandhi- Not the next PM’ by B.L. Saraf (DE Oct 30). The Congressites who have directly or indirectly left open the question of the driver behind the wheel are staunch family loyalists. Basking in the sunshine of family patronage as they do, their feigned ambivalence about the future prime minister from among their party stalwarts is more theatrical than real. By profiling himself a victimized “secularist” Ghulam Nabi Azad is trying to reach the Muslim vote bank in the country thereby fulfilling the errand assigned to him by the “High Command”. The inference drawn by some observers that the Congress is showing the signs of split is nothing more than a figment of imagination. Azad, Chidambaram and a few more in the Congress hierarchy are trying to make an experiment with negative politics aimed at diluting the resentment of segments within Congress against the lackluster election campaigning of RAGA. However, one thing may be said without fear of contradiction. Congress leadership is now realizing that its outright campaign against the person of Modi and ignoring the vital issues before the nation has begun to boomerang. Whether the damage controlling exercise of Azad et al will meet with any success or not is uncertain. Azad knows how tenuous his political posturing is and how miraculously he was bailed out by an upstart law-maker from his native state that catapulted him to Rajya Sabha precincts.

K.N. Pandita

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