Letter to the Editor

Formerly published on WASHINGTON POST, DEC-08-2009,  by K. N. Pandit
re: response to article of Muslim immigrants

Dear Editor:
Anne Applebaum’s analysis (In Switzerland, towers of fear, 8 Dec) is fairly objective. Nearly thirty million Muslims, mostly from less developed Asian and African countries, have immigrated to the Europe and US in search of economically better and politically more free life. Secular and democratic structure of western society provided them equal rights and opportunities with their own nationals. From immigrants, they graduated to become citizens, and now they are aspiring to be recognized as dominant civilizational entity. They refuse to integrate into the social milieu of the countries to which they have immigrated, and, as exclusivist and separatist, they have generally created their ghettoized segments.

Now they are out to disparage the very laws and practices that helped them change their lives from ridicule to sublimity. This is not because of either economic or political deprivation: it is because of the teaching engraved on their mind that their faith sent down by Allah is superior to all other faiths and thus has to prevail, and hence the separatist and exclusivist mentality. Of course, there can be many among them who have changed their outlook and come closer to the life-style of native people. Since these immigrants owe much to the western civilization, one expects them to stand up against terrorism, the scourge of humanity, and raise legions and militias to actually fight the evil in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In doing so they will be paying back the debt of gratitude they owe to the western civilization and its upholders. That will make fruitful interaction between two great civilizations of the world so that their adherents live in peace and harmony.

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