Home-bred terror

By K.N. Pandita

In a belated but significant move the US has named Indian Mujahideen IM  to its official blacklist of foreign terrorist organizations. India has not done it till now. Since 2005, this organization has been central to a number of bomb blasts at different places, mostly crowded ones and economic centres, in the country that took hundreds of innocent civilian lives. Its primary method of attack is multiple coordinated bombings in crowded areas against economic and civilian targets to maximize terror and casualties, the States Department’s anti-terrorism coordinator said. IM had carried out a 2010 bombing of a popular German bakery in Pune, frequented by tourists, killing 17 and injuring over 60 people, and another attack in Delhi in 2008 that killed 30 people. IM was also responsible for 16 synchronized bomb blasts in crowded urban centres and a local hospital that killed 38 and injured more than 100 in Ahmedabad, and played a ”facilitative role” in the 2008 Mumbai attack carried out by LeT that killed 163 people, including six Americans. 

The last mentioned group is suspected to be involved in recent bomb blasts that occurred outside the premises of the Delhi High Court and of which a clue has been obtained from a cyber cafe in Kishtwar. There is no doubt that this terrorist organization is conducting its terrorist activities in collaboration with the above mentioned three or more Pakistan-based terrorist organizations. LeT the armed wing of Jamatu’d-Dawa headed by Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan has, a number of times, publicly said that India is its target and they have changed the strategy of terror in India by creating moles in India’s neighbouring countries especially Bangladesh. Of late Bangladesh related terrorists have been apprehended in J&K and elsewhere and their agenda of subversion has been uncovered.

Indian home ministry as well as security establishment are usually tight lipped on widespread involvement of IM in terrorist acts in the country. It has generally been noted that whenever the investigators come to know that the IM is involved in a bomb blast, the news is blacked out and the people are not told anything about who the miscreants are. This provides space to ruling apparatus in this country to raise fingers towards their political opponents, and malign them by whipping up right wing terror as more dangerous than terror emanating from Pakistan-based extremist organizations. Put in crude words this is called politicization of terrorism. ”These designations highlight the threat posed by IM not only to Western interests, but to India, a close US partner,” Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s counter terrorism coordinator, said in a statement.

It is anybody’s guess whether New Delhi will or will not accept this statement of the US authority on IM keeping in view its kid-glove handling of IM ever since it emerged on the terrorist radar of India. The time has come when India should understand that no other country is going to fight her war on terror and she has to do it herself. The kid-glove handling of terror has brought untold suffering and humiliation to the Indian people. It has exposed our week-kneed policy, of course deliberately pursued, so much so that our status and reputation are now at stake. The rhetoric exuded by the Home Ministry day in and day out about taking stringent steps to curb rising terrorism is not supported by ground realities. The type of counter-terrorism campaign that would prove effective in checkmating terrorist ambitions against the vast population of the country is lacking in vision and in practice. Major terrorist organizations based in Pakistan, and by now totally uncontrollable for Pakistan civilian government, have wowed to see that India is fragmented. This is their common agenda and the Pakistan Army finds solace in that agenda. It is the agenda of bleeding India through a thousand cuts. Violation of cease fire on LoC by Pakistani troops is increasing, infiltration bids see no relent, training camps in PoK are intact rather reinforced, prompting Kashmir separatists to exacerbate strikes and hartals see no end, bomb blasts continue to occur and threats are handed over from across the border by non-state activists who cannot be curbed, and then the sham of Indo-Pak bilateral talks is trumpeted to be in progress.  The country is passing through a dark period where our leaders exude great rhetoric on one hand and total imbecility on the other. It sits on a powder keg. Only a drastic and revolutionary change in anti-terrorism policy can deliver the nation from home-bred terror.

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