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Who threats Pak military regime?

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By K.N. Pandita

Why sensationalise fast changing political scenario in Pakistan? It isn’t something new in her history. By and large people get the government they deserve, goes the mantra.

More interesting than what is happening on the ground is the comical incoherence in the statements of US foreign secretary. Condoleezza advises Musharraf to restore constitution and pursue scheduled elections. What an irony! The US promptly rewarded the military regime with a hefty ten billion dollar bonanza for having sent democracy packing home in Pakistan in 1999.

In Pakistan power rests neither with the people nor with constitution: it rests with Army; and the army draws strength from the US, politically, strategically and financially.

If democracy succeeds in Pakistan, then Army is out; if Army is out, the US is out. That gives a jolt to regional strategic configuration. If the US is out, who except China will have to look after the Asiatic orphan?

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