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Nehru in shade and sunligh

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This is with reference to news item ‘Nehru blamed for 1962 war debacle’ (DE 18 March). Our future generations need to know history as it is and not as it is presented. Nehru not only ignored but also suppressed the warning from his Deputy Prime Minister about China’s designs way back in 1949. The world laughed at us when we raised the thoughtless slogan of Chini-Hindi bhai bhai. Apart from 1962 debacle Nehru has made many more Himalayan blunders that have cost the country dearly. Non-alignment was a schoolboy’s fantasia and its sponsors, India, Yugoslavia and Egypt were pauper states going around the world with a beggar’s scrip. Western world took them as Soviet surrogates. Egypt is back to Islamic Brotherhood, Yugoslavia is dismembered and Nehru’s Congress has won us the sobriquet of most corrupt country in the world. Nehru’s obsession with the Soviet Union won us adversaries throughout the democratic world and nobody gave tuppence to our democracy, a fact that came out true with the imposition of Emergency by Nehru’s daughter.  Continue Reading…

Realigning process in the Middle East

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By K.N. Pandita

A change in the Middle East mindset was triggered off first by the contagion of Arab Spring with its epicenter in North African States sweeping down to Arab Peninsula.  Islamic orthodoxy and forces of modern political arrangement got locked up in a game of somersaults, obscuring their contours as turmoil deepened.

Two more factors added to the spectrum of change across the Middle East. Resistance with which the fringe orthodox revivalism got log jammed with benign modernity wave in Syria and the decade long skullduggery of a nuclear deal between Iran and the US churned new hope of healthy realignment in the frozen mindsets in the Middle East.   Continue Reading…