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Are war clouds looming large?

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By K.N. Pandit

Editorials in some leading national dailies, commentaries by regional and strategic experts and Indo-Pak watchers have been speaking in much disquiet about Mumbai terrorist attacks. The tragedy has grossly ravaged Indian civil society, which is losing faith in government’s ability to meet the challenge of Theo-fascism.

Will the UPA government do something big to reinstate nation’s trust in it? Will it risk war with Pakistan on the plea that it has irrefutable evidence to tell international community that Islamabad has no control over the Theo-fascists who are strongly entrenched in that country and have the support of a large segment of Pakistani administrative structure and part of civil society?  Is the matter come to its brim and precipitate action is warranted? Are war clouds looming large over Indo-Pak horizon?

These vital questions are under serious consideration of the UPA government. To be or not to be, that is the question.

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