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Letter to the Editor – US-Pak bonhomie

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Sir, This refers to ‘Soft Power in place of gun…… etc, (The Hindu Nov. 26): US’ official and corporate frugal relief to the earthquake victims in Pakistan and PoK is a consolation to General Musharraf and a plus point for his deft handling of the US. However, notwithstanding all that has been said two things stand out clearly.. One is that a warmer bonhomie between the Pak President and the US will not reduce the intensity of hatred of Pak radicals towards the Americans. It will not prove effective in derailing the ultimate goal of the radicals — the vision of Greater Caliphate. The second result, already manifest, is that General Musharraf will intensify his pressures on Washington to force India for big concessions in Kashmir. That has already begun to happen and we saw that during his address to the recent meeting of the donor countries in Islamabad the General linked up Kashmir issue with October 8 earthquakes. Kashinath Pandita, 320, Jawaharnagar,T.T, Jammu- 180002, Pin 180002, Tele: 0191.2505161.

Letter to the Editor – Kkhushboo to Sania

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Sir, This has reference to ‘Women speak out’ (TH Nov 27 Magazine) – No culture is happy with pre-marital sex not even the primitive tribal cultures in Africa. Yet human nature being what it is, for some pre-marital sex could be an urge or a chance or a play of curiosity. In Britain 35 per cent school girls are reported to have had it, obviously safe one, because of high level of education, I think resentment from various quarters to what Khushboo said is not actually against the pre-marital sex but against trivializing highly personal and tender relationship among the youth of opposite gender. As regards Sania, she is born and brought up in a liberal Muslim family and atmosphere. That is why she has been unable to distinguish between a ‘liberal Muslim’ and a ‘good Muslim’ If she could she would better call herself a ‘liberal Muslim’ than a ‘good Muslim’. She received the hype of the press essentially for being a ‘liberal Muslim’. That would have helped the people to understand the logic of her endorsement of Khusboo’s views. Kashinath Pandita, 320-Jawaharnagar, TT., Jammu – 180002, Email:

Letter to the Editor – Need to Speak

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Dear Sir, ‘ Need to speak up against LeT’ (ToI Nov. 22) is a good analysis with a faulty conclusion. Through ideological orientation and the use of force the jihadis are struggling for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate. That concept is to be understood in the light of a highly corrupt, exploitative and detestable so-called democratic and pluralistic political system propagated by the west. The muscle power of Islam has made great achievements and more are in the offing. It played the crucial role in prompting the US to break up Soviet Union, the only real and effective threat to Islam. Having uprooted the communist state, Islamic activists are now dealing with the lesser “evil” viz. the US. Israel had to vacate the West Bank; India is beleaguered in Kashmir, Yugoslavia is broken and European Muslims have established their identity, Iran is theocratic, Afghanistan, the most backward of Islamic nations may prove the Achilles heel for the Americans, Indonesia’s boast of cultural diversity has been deflated, and in India regional potentates are wooing Muslims day in and day out to rule over them. Under the dispensation of proposed Islamic Caliphate Indians will get rid of the shameful political mess they are in. The world will be a much safer and much more peaceful place with Muslims holding the reins of power in most of the Eastern and Western countries. The Hindus, having had more than a thousand years of enslavement, can never shed their slavish mentality. Muslim who ruled the subcontinent for nearly eight centuries are gearing up to return to their past era of glory. K.N. Pandita, New Delhi.