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Politics at the cost of national security

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Dr. K.N. Pandita

A major event in the sub-continent that tookplace during last two weeks is the defeat and elimination of LTTE in Sri Lanka after its thirty-year-long armed insurgency against the state. LTTE, the world’s most dreaded terrorist organization had been declared a terrorist organization by the US keeping in view especially the suicidal bombing in which it indulged. Most of the Tamils in Sri Lanka still do not believe that Villapai Prabhakaran, the chief of the organization has been killed in action. Such was the aura of redoubtable strength he had projected about the organization and himself.

LTTE had built a strong international network and Tamil emigrants in western countries had formed strong complexes to raise funds and push their cause on international fora. Thirty-year long struggle had created an impression with the mediators that it was a Gordian knot to resolve. Yet their efforts especially of the NGOs in Netherlands tried to break the jinx. Nothing happened. Continue Reading…