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Peace as reflected in Persian literature

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Last updated text on May 07, 2010 – By K.N. Pandit

Universal peace is a much sought requirement of contemporary world. Urgency for peace arises out of fear of raging conflict and clash on the one hand, and the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction on the other. In a sense humanity is sitting on a powder keg.

The question is this: Will conflict and clash get uprooted from a world tormented by greed and selfishness?  This never happened in the annals of past human history. Doest that mean that we shall have to put up with the phenomenon.”  Continue Reading…

India-Saudi Arabia relations: An appraisal

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(Written on March 4, 2010 by K.N. Pandita)

Inveterate critics did not fail to find fault with Prime Minister’s recent interaction with his Saudi counterparts in Riyadh. Unable to catch him on the wrong foot – if at all there was anything by that  name – the opposition raised ruckus on junior minister Shahshi Tharoor’s minor departure from a diplomat’s usual practice of mincing words.

Cut and dried evaluation of Indo-Saudi relations is usually fraught with contradictions. Various conflicting factors are at play making quick assessment only fallible. Saudi is an autocratic monarchy, heavily conditioned by its theocratic pre-eminence in global strategy and the patriarchic profile of the kingdom among the Muslim states and masses. On the other hand, India is a secular democracy where the government is answerable to the people for its actions and policies. Consequently, it requires astute statesmanship on both sides to conduct bilateral dialogue on an even keel without jeopardizing respective national interests.   Continue Reading…

India target of 313 Brigade

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(Written on February 23 by K.N. Pandita)

Shortly after the deadly bombing of the German Bakery in Pune on February 8, an influential South East Asian news agency received a message in Urdu from the top gorilla commander Ilyas Kashmiri, whose 313 Brigade is an operational arm of Al-Qaeda. The message warned the Indian government “to compensate for all its injustices to the Muslims, otherwise they will see our next action”. It added, “We warn the international community not to send their people to the 2010 Hockey World Cup, IPL and Commonwealth Games.  If they do they will be responsible for the consequences. Nor should their people visit India. We, the mujahideen of 313 Brigade vow to continue attacks all across India…”

The mysterious 313 Brigade is linked to busted Chicago conspiracy case, which had planned to massacre Indian military officers, attack Indian nuclear arsenal and punish the cartoonist of a Danish newspaper for his anti-Muslim cartoon.

Who is this Ilyas Kashmiri, the sender of the message and what is his agenda? Continue Reading…

Indo-Pak talks- an eye wash

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(Written on February 10, 2010 by K.N. Pandita)

Of late India has been demonstrating more inconsistency in her regional policy with special reference to Kashmir.

Her volte-face on stalled Indo-Pak talks reflects pressure from Washington. India has baulked many a time in the past and this is not new.  It is not called resilience; it is indecision as well as inconsistency.

Washington moves towards exit strategy in Afghan imbroglio notwithstanding her decimating drone attacks and bribing of Taliban conduits. Continue Reading…

Militancy sucked in by regional politics

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(Written by Dr. K.N. Pandita February 3, 2010)

British political circles almost underrated 60-member strong London conference on Afghan crisis. However, Prime Minister Browne thinks that a large assemblage confirms global abhorrence of terrorism. The US considers it is an affirmative step supporting the exit strategy.

Interests of stakeholders are crystallizing as the great debate on regional strategies is proceeding. Washington wants a national government installed in Kabul with two major components, namely nationalists of Karzai School and moderate Taliban leadership wiling to cooperate. At the same time, it wants Afghan National Army to be expanded and upgraded to replace the Security Assistance Force. Continue Reading…